The ideal plan to sell a property online

Do you want to increase your international real estate sales and reach buyers abroad?

Our Company will help you achieve these goals.

We know how difficult is to position a real estate website internationally on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Property Advertising
Selling your property, placing an ad to do so, probably makes you wonder if it is worth it, to expend time on that kind of things. Having to look through all those pages to find the proper one, the more realistic or authentic, you will simply list your ad on one of those websites with a hundred other properties also on sale, such properties if you check their dates can be a year old or more, you probably do not want that to happen to your property as well.

Find The Website for you
International Real Estate Marketing, offers you the Particular Plan, artfully designed to sell properties online. If you have been for some time, looking to no end the website that willfulfilll all your demands, you have found it. With our plan you will have your property listed on more than 1100 websites, which guarantees that your ad will be seen by over a million people.

Appearances can be deceiving
Letting yourself be smitten by how low the price is on a website or how free it is, will not help you sell a property online. Websites, that let you place an ad on them by little to no feed at all, cannot give the proper advertisement. You need a secure and trusted page, where you can check in on your progress, update your ad and have experts guiding you. Hiring our plan can give you that and more.

Trust our experts
Once you hire our services, you can have access to our customer service. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you, in any way they can. If you do not know, how to place your advertisement, you can ask us.

Together, we will make sure to list your ad in a way that highlights all the great features about your property.

Years on the market
In order for your ad not to be lost in time like it would be on other websites, hire our plan, this one, the particular plan, offers the advertisement of a property for one year. If you are not 100% sure, you need only think about the way your property will be sold and how fast, since over a million people will see it every day.

If what troubles you is that a year will not be enough, rest assured it most likely would be. Advertising with International Real Estate Alliance, secures you spots on more websites and the more the merrier.

How the Networks aid you
Like with any other sell, the key to sell a property online is to know how to advertise it. If we follow the notion, that along with your particular plan you should list your ad on strategic places, because it helps you extent your circle of buyers, than we can say, that adding your advertisement to the social networks will secure more viewers of it. Especially since the ones following our website on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are related to the world of real estate.

The odds on your favour
Advertising with IREA, is to find the gratification of seeing your ad on many websites around the world. A spot on our home pages on the Social Networks, guarantees the increase of potential clients.

Being our client, gives you the opportunity of having advisors clarifying your doubts, doubts such as: how to sell a property online properly? How to reach out to potentials clients more efficiently? We offer professionals, which will aid you and help you resolve any question you might have.

Buyers around the world
A buyer can come from practically anywhere, which is why you better cover your options. Leaving things to chance, it is what will put your advertisement under others.

When you list your property with our particular plan, you must make sure to do the description of it, in such a manner that when possible clients read it, they see an interesting ad, in fact it will be so interesting, that they will contact you immediately and ask you, when you would be able to show them the property, in order for you to close the deal.

Be ready to go
You should gather all the main information about the property, so you have everything ready to upload the moment you do the payment for our Particular Plan. Make sure to have attractive photographs of the properties, which showcase different angles of it and help the customers to visualize themselves on the property.

When you collect and ensemble all the information, you can upload it into our data base and be ready to have your ad online for everyone to see it, on our Real Estate websites.

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