Fourth Avenue Residences Announced (Press Release)

About Fourth Avenue Residences

Fourth Avenue Residences by developer Allgreen Properties Limited is situated in Fourth Avenue and Bukit Timah Road. The development is bounded by Guthrie House, Fifth Avenue Condo, Sixth Avenue Ville, Bukit Timah Road, Fifth Avenue and Fourth Avenue.

Sixth Avenue MRT station is located at doorstep of Fourth Avenue Residences, and the Pan Island Expressway is just mins drive away. PIE is accessible via Bukit Timah Road with just 1 minutes drive away. Taking the downtown line MRT towards the direction of the city, will bring you to Botanic Gardens MRT Station, which is also an interchange for the circle line.

Fourth Avenue Residences is conveniently

  • 5 Stops to Orchard Station
  • 5 Stops to Buona Vista MRT Station
  • 7 Stops to Bugis MRT
  • 8 Stops to Jurong East

In this part of Singapore and bring in a low density district makes the place very suitable for family living. Reputable schools in the area include Nanyang Girls’ High School, Hwa Chong Institution, Nation Junior College, Raffles Girl’s School, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and Singapore Institute of Management. Singapore’s Premier Education and University National University of Singapore is also only about 10 mins drive away. A follow up review of the education institutions here are available online or by request.

Fourth Avenue Residences showroom will be on site, the showflat will consists of 2 and 3br show suites. Fourth Residences Floor plan will also be made available once you have registered with us, the development will consist of smaller units of 1bedroom up to 5 bedrooms to cater to every buyers’ needs. Fourth Avenue Residences showroom will feature units with fully equipped furnishings and fittings, high quality marble and homogenous tiles will be provided to the units sold at Fouth Avenue Residences at a very attractive price. The floor plans for Fourth Avenue Residences will be put up in the showroom.

Some amenities surrounding the development includes Beauty World Centre, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Bukit Timah Community Club, Singapore Botanic Gardens, and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Reviews from surroundings home owners indicates that once you have gotten used to the tranquillity and convenience of this estate, you’d feel less than the need to move to anywhere else.

Fourth Avenue Residences Price and psf will be around 2800-3500psf, further price adjustments will be made once the floor plans and condo price are released. As the pricing are still in the works, do check with our developer sales team or sales associates for final updates on the pricing and psf. Allgreen Properties will conduct a review on the price, and the pricing will be released. Floor plans will also be made available once they are finalized.

The developer, Allgreen Properties Limited is determined to maximize the potential of this piece of prime Bukit Timah real estate, and create a living space and home where families and children yearn to return to everyday.

Full condominium facilities will be provided, including a lap pool, gym, sun deck, function room, BBQ Pits, Children’s Playground.

Details & Specifications:

Address: Fourth Avenue Residences
Site Area: 199,478
Developer: Allgreen Properties Limited
District: 10
Tenure: 99 Years

Total Units: To be confirmed
Storey Height: To be confirmed
Doorstep MRT: Sixth Avenue MRT Station



Boulevard 88: Updates and What You Need To Know

City Development Limited-CDL, in partnership with Hong Leong Holdings, has beaten their own record by unveiling yet another state of the art development dubbed Boulevard 88. The busy Orchard road, shopping centres, and other amenities make this a prime point of interest for astute homeowners and investors. Within reach are affluent restaurants, recreational centres and so much more on offer making this freehold establishment the new talk of the town.

Boulevard 88 is characterized by high-end furnishing and picturesque views over Tomlinson and Paterson areas. Divided into two blocks, this freehold establishment is said to have a total of 154 residential units occupying 28 storeys and a separate 8 storey hotel with a total of 208 rooms. The penthouse and condo apartments range from one bedroom up to five bedrooms with varying sizes and prices.

Setting themselves aside from other lucrative amenities are the Tanglin and Cuscaden and Nassim neighbourhoods. In Cuscaden, for instance, one will have a wide range of places to go for shopping. The Tanglin shopping Center and Forum is only three minutes away when walking on foot and other places like the Nolstagic Far East center and the Delfi Orchard Mall only based a stone throw away from this new upcoming establishment.

On the other hand, Boulevard 88 is strategically placed away from the hustle and bustle not forgetting the noisy traffic prevalent in towns but is close enough to all luxury areas. One such area is the Orchard neighbourhood where you can find anything from entertainment spots, restaurants, and recreational centres. St. Regis Residences, 3 Orchard by the Park, St. Regis Hotel and The Regent Singapore, are a few of the numerous prestigious establishment located close to Boulevard 88.

Owners and investors who want to be at the heart of everything will love the infrastructure surrounding this development, What with, Tanglin, Cuscaden, Orchard road, Anguilla park, Grange road, and Napier road crisscrossing and running parallel to each other, There’s nowhere you cannot get to even when you are pressed for time.

If you are still not convinced that Boulevard 88 is worth it as an investment, here are some points to help you make up your mind;

  • Freehold means the property is yours forever
  • The Orchard Boulevard MRT Station is currently in the works right around the corner
  • Excellent connectivity with roads streaming right past the residences
  • Presence of both international and local schools located nearby
  • South Marina bay, Harbourfront, and CBD are just a few minutes away and is accessible by foot, MRT, or by car
  • Affluent neighbourhood
  • High-quality furnishings and fittings in all the residential spaces

City Development Limited-CDL and Hong Leong Holdings have merged to undertake the Boulevard 88 project. The two are real estate giants with a firm grip on the needs of modern living each with their own projects to boast. CDL was founded in 1963 and has gone on to build a name for itself in over 20 countries where the company has worked on various projects. CDL has provided hospitality solutions, management of hotels, facilities and numerous properties and engaged further in development and investment projects. On the other hand, Hong Leong holdings is part of the Hong Leong Group which was founded in 1968 and is a leading real estate company in Singapore. The company has developed close to 100 mid-level and high-end residential properties and an additional 8 commercial properties.



How to Select The Ideal Real Estate Agent

Not many individuals are out there to be real estate agents. However, the individuals who have the drive to become agents, need to go for a training period and after that get a legitimate license to practice the real estate business. It isn’t just about having good communication skills or the smartness to sell or purchase a house for someone. It would require you to have all the characteristics that are expected to be a great real estate agent.

The following are the qualities an ideal real estate should have

You should be good at making contacts and keeping them. In this business, being a decent person works wonders. Stay in contact with your clients and ensure that you always get feedback on the work that you do. Otherwise, there is no scope for development or financial progress.

* You should be aware of the various market trends, most recent market conditions, existing laws related to the property market and anticipated changes. Also, be aware of your environment. Having the knowledge of national laws is an absolute necessity, but being ignorant of the particular requirements of local property scenario can affect your deal. You ought to be an expert in directing your client in the most ideal way.

* You ought to be updated about public patterns of purchase, sale, rent, and so forth. Know the type of individuals that you are catering to, what they like, hate, their requirements, and concerns. You ought to be able to change your approach as per this information and as well address the requirements of the people efficiently.

* You should be an expert at advertising the property that the client wishes to sell. Your selected types of advertising ought to be modified, as per the house and the requirements of the clients.

* You ought to have the ability to negotiate the details of the deal and reach peacefully at a mutual rice.

* Your estimation for the customer’s property ought to be accurate and helpful in selling it quickly. You ought to be able to guide the owner as to the expected changes to make the house more attractive. You should look for the background and credibility of the filtered list of purchasers.

* in the event that you want to purchase, then your research strategies and analysis of the property in the market ought to be exact, thorough and proficient. You should understand the seller’s needs and introduce him to the suitable clients. This incredibly improves your repute in the market.

* You should be adept at preparing, filling out and completing the paperwork on time and reviewing it for errors and loopholes.

* You ought to know how to use the software that would incredibly encourage you to work as a real estate, like spreadsheet and word processor.

As a real estate agent, you are the mediator between a client and the prospective seller. You ought to be able to ingrain certainty with your voice. An excellent real estate agent follows legal and ethical strategies, only. As a real estate, you have to assist your clients with selling his/her property faster and, in many cases, for more cash. Always bring a certain level of expertise when it comes to pricing


How to Market Your Real Estate?

With the emerging trends in technology and marketing, every real estate agent must have online presence. This will make the agents have competitive advantage over other real estate firms. The broker is able to reach a wider market coverage. As a real estate agent, you need to have knowledge of the online marketing tricks in your fingertips. Two major steps in having an online presence is through listing of the product you are selling. Secondly, you must market the listed products.

How do you list your products online?

Create and buy a domain name. In the process of creating a website, you first need a domain name. getting a domain name is very easy. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time there. You need to add an extension to your domain name to enable the potential clients notice you
are dealing with real estate easily.

Create the website

You can do it yourself, or you can hire a technical person to do it for you.


You need to keep the potential clients informed on what you are offering. Invest in ensuring the information available on your website is comprehensive, and up to date. Get high-quality photos and videos for your listings. In addition to property listings, post content on “how to” to make sure the clients questions about real estate are answered.

After having beautiful content online, market. You can share the links to your website through show media. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, etc. make sure to get traffic to your site by sharing relevant information on these social media platforms.


How to Select the Ideal Real Estate Agent?

The success of a real estate company mainly depends on the performance of the agents. There are so many real estate agents available in the market. Getting the right agent from a pool of many can be a very tedious work. You can however use the tips below to help you get the best from the huge number of agents who express interest.

Find out from the friends or relatives about the character of agents they have worked with. Your intention is to get an agent who is easy to work with. You can listen to what people are saying about various agents. To even make your work easier, you ask them to refer and recommend agents to you.

Secondly, ask the agents about their work history. Let them explain the challenges they have faced, and how they have handled them. Find out how long they have worked as agents. Since an agent is paid on commission, it’s not possible to survive if you are providing poor services.

When interviewing an agent, make sure to ask as many questions as possible. This is the only way you can know more about the agent, and hire one based on understanding. Examples of questions you can ask include;

  • How many team members does the agent have?
  • How many clients do the agent have in the database?
  • Where is the company located?

Depending on how the agents answer every question you ask, you can judge which agent is best suited to work with you. An interested and a good agent will be interested to know more about you, and how you can work together.


The ideal plan to sell a property online

Do you want to increase your international real estate sales and reach buyers abroad?

Our Company will help you achieve these goals.

We know how difficult is to position a real estate website internationally on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Property Advertising
Selling your property, placing an ad to do so, probably makes you wonder if it is worth it, to expend time on that kind of things. Having to look through all those pages to find the proper one, the more realistic or authentic, you will simply list your ad on one of those websites with a hundred other properties also on sale, such properties if you check their dates can be a year old or more, you probably do not want that to happen to your property as well.

Find The Website for you
International Real Estate Marketing, offers you the Particular Plan, artfully designed to sell properties online. If you have been for some time, looking to no end the website that willfulfilll all your demands, you have found it. With our plan you will have your property listed on more than 1100 websites, which guarantees that your ad will be seen by over a million people.

Appearances can be deceiving
Letting yourself be smitten by how low the price is on a website or how free it is, will not help you sell a property online. Websites, that let you place an ad on them by little to no feed at all, cannot give the proper advertisement. You need a secure and trusted page, where you can check in on your progress, update your ad and have experts guiding you. Hiring our plan can give you that and more.

Trust our experts
Once you hire our services, you can have access to our customer service. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you, in any way they can. If you do not know, how to place your advertisement, you can ask us.

Together, we will make sure to list your ad in a way that highlights all the great features about your property.

Years on the market
In order for your ad not to be lost in time like it would be on other websites, hire our plan, this one, the particular plan, offers the advertisement of a property for one year. If you are not 100% sure, you need only think about the way your property will be sold and how fast, since over a million people will see it every day.

If what troubles you is that a year will not be enough, rest assured it most likely would be. Advertising with International Real Estate Alliance, secures you spots on more websites and the more the merrier.

How the Networks aid you
Like with any other sell, the key to sell a property online is to know how to advertise it. If we follow the notion, that along with your particular plan you should list your ad on strategic places, because it helps you extent your circle of buyers, than we can say, that adding your advertisement to the social networks will secure more viewers of it. Especially since the ones following our website on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are related to the world of real estate.

The odds on your favour
Advertising with IREA, is to find the gratification of seeing your ad on many websites around the world. A spot on our home pages on the Social Networks, guarantees the increase of potential clients.

Being our client, gives you the opportunity of having advisors clarifying your doubts, doubts such as: how to sell a property online properly? How to reach out to potentials clients more efficiently? We offer professionals, which will aid you and help you resolve any question you might have.

Buyers around the world
A buyer can come from practically anywhere, which is why you better cover your options. Leaving things to chance, it is what will put your advertisement under others.

When you list your property with our particular plan, you must make sure to do the description of it, in such a manner that when possible clients read it, they see an interesting ad, in fact it will be so interesting, that they will contact you immediately and ask you, when you would be able to show them the property, in order for you to close the deal.

Be ready to go
You should gather all the main information about the property, so you have everything ready to upload the moment you do the payment for our Particular Plan. Make sure to have attractive photographs of the properties, which showcase different angles of it and help the customers to visualize themselves on the property.

When you collect and ensemble all the information, you can upload it into our data base and be ready to have your ad online for everyone to see it, on our Real Estate websites.

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